DES MOINES, IOWA — Tyson Foods Inc. and Kemin Industries Inc. announced that a new manufacturing operation producing pet food flavor enhancers called palatants under the Palasurance brand is operating.

Tyson and Kemin formed an alliance in 2008 to develop, manufacture, market and sell liquid and dry palatants to pet food companies. Tyson’s flagship animal-protein facility in Scranton, Ark., which is centrally located to Tyson’s Arkansas chicken-processing plants, is the location of the new palatant operation. 

Both companies said the goal of this facility is to provide cost-competitive, high-quality pet-food palatants from the sourcing of ingredients to the food bowl. Production began in March and will be a 24-hour operation supported by the Scranton staff and may require jobs to be added in the future. The Scranton facility employs 250 people.

"The startup of this operation represents another milestone in our core strategy of increasing the value of our by-products," said Leland Tollett, interim president and chief executive officer of Tyson Foods.  "It also demonstrates Tyson’s continued commitment to the pet food industry."

 "The Scranton facility is located near several of our largest poultry processing plants," added Jeff Webster, group vice-president and general manager of Tyson’s Renewable Products division. "This gives us excellent access to the fresh raw materials needed to manufacture high-performing palatants for some of North America’s largest pet-food makers."

State-of-the-art equipment and automated controls designed to safely produce palatants with performance in mind are being used to produce these products. 

"In addition to fresh raw materials and advanced formulations, top-quality palatants require strict process control from reception of raw materials until the storage of finished product," Mr. Webster said.  "Scranton employs the latest technologies designed to enhance flavor and ensure pet food manufacturers receive consistent high quality products."

"The strategic alliance offers Kemin customers a completely integrated, reliable and safe supply chain with complete product traceability," said Dr. Chris Nelson, president of Kemin Industries. 

Kemin Industries Inc. has been developing and manufacturing premium palatability enhancers for the pet food industry for 20 years. The company now has factories dedicated to Palasurance in the U.S., Brazil and Europe.

"The addition of this plant in North America furthers Kemin’s strategy of becoming the number-one supplier of palatants to the global pet food industry," said Giuseppe Abrate, president of Kemin’s pet food ingredients business.  "With our plants in South America and Europe, the new manufacturing facility allows us to serve the three largest pet-food markets in a consistent manner with our Complete Palatability Assurance program, which includes our expertise in freshness and shelf-life extension."

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