ARKANSAS CITY, Kan. – Creekstone Farms and C&C Packing Inc. recently finalized a supply deal that will bring CreekStone Farms Premium Angus Beef to Canadian restaurants and supermarkets. C&C Packing will be the exclusive distributor of Creekstone's Black Angus beef in Canada with distribution set to begin by the end of September.

“This agreement marks an exciting milestone as it is the first countrywide distribution of the Creekstone Farms product in Canada,” said Jim Rogers, vice president of sales and marketing for Creekstone Farms. “We are thrilled to be working with a company who is as knowledgeable and dedicated to their customers as C&C Packing.”

Stanley Cons established C&C Packing 40 years ago. The family owned business has headquarters in Montreal, Quebec and regional sales offices throughout Canada. The company also has offices in St. Petersburg, Russia, and Shanghai, China.

“The relationship between Creekstone Farms and C&C Packing is a beautiful complement of like-minded people,” said Ronnie Cons, senior vice president of purchasing at C&C Packing. “We’ve waited a long time to move forward on an alliance with a company like Creekstone Farms that represents the same quality and reliability we bring to our customers.”