WASHINGTON, DC – Officials with the American Meat Institute and the North American Meat Association announced Sept. 12 that the two trade groups are considering a possible merger. According to a joint statement, each association’s executive committee approved plans earlier this week to discuss the formation of a single organization to represent the meat and poultry industry. A committee comprised of members representing each trade group will be formed to discuss how a merger could best serve members. The discussions are expected to take place in the next several months.

“We believe that these discussions hold great promise for creating a new organization that couldleverage the strengths that both AMI and NAMA offer. It is our intention to pursue discussions in a measured, thoughtful manner that will serve the interests of our associations’ members,” said in a joint statement from AMI Chairman Nick Meriggioli and NAMA co-presidents Mike Hesse and Anthony Gahn, Jr.

This past year, NAMA was formed with the merger of the National Meat Association and the North American Meat Processors Association. NAMA’s membership includes approximately 700 members. About 1,100 companies are AMI members.