WASHINGTON – On Aug. 1, turkey eggs in incubators in the United States totaled 27.7 million, down 4 percent from August 1, 2012, according to the National Agricultural Statistics Service, Agricultural Statistics Board, US Department of Agriculture. Eggs in incubators increased 1 percent from the July 1, 2013 total of 27.5 million eggs.

Meanwhile, turkey poults hatched during July totaled 23.8 million, down 9 percent from July 2012. Poults hatched increased 13 percent from the June 2013 total of 21.2 million poults.

During July, the 23.5 million net poults placed in the US dropped 11 percent from the total placed during the same month one year earlier. Net placements increased 12 percent from the June 2013 total of 21.0 million.