MADISON, Wis. – Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker announced on July 6 the proposed renovations of Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison buildings for meat and dairy science research, that were threatened by state budget cuts, will take place as planned. The improvements are expected to be completed by 2018, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

University officials said the new $42 million Meat Science and Muscle Biology Laboratory will provide modern facilities to train the next generation of meat industry leaders, support research, and provide ongoing outreach education.

America’s meat and dairy industries are raising private money to cover about half the cost of each project.
"Our dairy and meat science industries will be able to remain on the cutting edge of research with these new buildings," Walker said. "The current buildings are not able to meet the research needs and accommodate the number of students interested in these fields."
Wisconsin’s meat industry provides 88,000 rural and urban jobs and contributes $12 billion to the state's economy, Walker said.