DENVER — Quiznos has introduced a new corporate slogan, "Move Swiftly With a Clear Purpose… Do It Today," which the company said encourages its business to sharpen its competitive edge by responding quickly to current marketplace demands.

In the spirit of this new slogan, Rick Schaden, founder and chief executive officer distributed scooters, which symbolize the ability to adapt and act swiftly, to company employees.

"The ability to move quickly and execute on clear, strategic ideas is how we enhance our competitive edge," Mr. Schaden said. "When we consider the marketplace, and especially the competitive space in which we operate, we have to be forward-thinking and act in a way that keeps us continually relevant to our customer."

Moving swiftly extends to all facets of the business, he added — whether addressing franchise owner needs, responding to customer requests or bringing innovative ideas to market.

Quiznos’ Toasty Torpedo, the company’s most-recent product innovation, and its price point were designed based on consumer needs in the wake of a changing economy. Launched in mid-March, the Toasty Torpedo continues to drive double-digit, same-store sales increases, he said.

Quiznos slogan and its two-wheeled representation serve as motivation to address needs quickly and have some fun in the process, added Jennifer Hensley, marketing manager.

"The scooter is a symbolic representation of what we are working hard to achieve — this idea of moving swiftly," Ms. Hensley said. "It also shows me our executive team is thinking about us as employees, the way we get the job done and how to keep it fun and engaging."

Quiznos restaurants offer sandwiches, soups and salads. With more than 5,000 franchise restaurants, it is one of the fastest-growing, quick-service restaurant chains.