MIAMI – Burger King Worldwide Inc. announced it will begin offering a French Fry Burger as part of its value menu offerings.

The burger, which will be available starting Sept. 1, will have a beef patty topped with four French fries. The chain is introducing the new burger as a defensive move to fend off pressure from McDonald's Dollar Menu, according to an Associated Press report.

Burger King also says it has expanded its BK Delivers program to Minneapolis, Minn., and Spokane, Washington. The Miami-based chain said BK Delivers has one live delivery restaurant in Minneapolis area serving Hiawatha, Minnehaha, Hale, Page, Nokomis, Powderhorn, Cooper, Longfellow and Corcoran. In Spokane, one live delivery restaurant serves Town and Country, Nevada/Lidgerwood, Country Homes and Northwest Spokane. Customers can place orders via the Internet or by phone. A minimum $10 order is required.

“BK Delivers is already performing well in Boston, New York, Miami, Houston, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco Bay Area, Las Vegas, Sacramento, greater Washington, DC, Phoenix, Salt Lake City and Denver. As its popularity has grown, we have seen an increasing demand for the program in other markets,” said Petru Pusta, director, Non Traditional Channels & BKDelivers.