MADISON, Wis. – Oscar Mayer announced it will make its full line of Oscar Mayer Selects gluten-free. The line of hot dogs, cold cuts and bacon contains no artificial preservatives, flavors or colors.

The company cited consumer insights that show gluten-free is more than a fad. Data from Packaged Facts revealed the share of shoppers purchasing gluten-free has doubled, and that 2012 finished with almost $4 billion in gluten-free retail sales. That number is expected to grow to $6.6 billion in four years.

“At Oscar Mayer, we’re always listening to consumers and we’re hearing that shoppers are looking for gluten-free foods. Our social media listening revealed that conversations around gluten in cold cuts and hot dogs are up more than 250 percent versus a year ago,” said Heather Buettner, Oscar Mayer Senior Director of New Product Development. “With an entire line of gluten-free cold cuts, hot dogs and bacon to choose from, Oscar Mayer provides consumers with a wide range of affordable choices they can feel good about.”

Oscar Mayer Selects are available at grocery stores nationwide in 12 varieties: six hot dogs, five cold cuts, as well as bacon. Sales of Oscar Mayer Selects total more than $150 million line, according to the company.