MINONG, Wis. – Jack Link’s has introduced its new BBQ Pork Jerky which is made with premium cuts of pork, seasoned with a unique blend of spices and smoked. This product is 97 percent fat free and includes 12 grams of protein in each 3.25-oz. bag.

The suggested retail price is $6.99 to $7.99 per bag.

“Summer is right around the corner, and what better way to mark the season than with the taste of good ol’ barbecue,” said Jeff LeFever, vice president of marketing at Jack Link’s. “The unique combination of sweet, tangy and smoky flavors always seem to hit the spot. Our new BBQ Pork Jerky provides barbecue fans with a convenient, better-for-you way to enjoy the great taste of summer all year — whether you’re on the go, spending time outside or relaxing at home.”

Product packaging features an authentic, new design and custom graphics that call attention to the high-quality pork inside each bag of jerky, the company relays. The design also helps to differentiate Jack Link’s BBQ Pork Jerky from the brand’s beef and turkey products.

When developing BBQ Pork Jerky, Jack Link’s sought to fill a void in the snacking market by introducing a great-tasting pork meat snack, a relatively rare offering in the category, the company added. Jack Link’s BBQ Pork Jerky is now available in stores throughout the US.

Minong, Wis.-based Jack Link’s calls itself the No. 1 US meat snack brand and fastest-growing meat snack manufacturer worldwide offering more than 100 premium meat-snack products at retail outlets in more than 40 countries.