Avon, Ohio-based Flavorseal recently launched its new Flavorseal BSB-65 Poultry Shrink Bag, which was designed specifically for packaging fresh or frozen poultry. The new package’s rounded bottom, high shrink rate and glossy appearance are ideal for any whole bird or breast pack on the grocery shelf. These high-abuse bags protect the poultry during refrigeration and transport and can be heat- sealed or clipped.

“Its multi-layer, high-abuse structure virtually eliminates leakers, while providing an extremely high shrink rate and gloss, making for a very appealing skin-tight package,” says Ryan Till, Flavorseal’s Market Manager - Packaging Materials. “The bag offers a rounded bottom to minimize dog ears on the finished package. The bag structure can be offered as clear, translucent or opaque colors. High Impact 7 Color printing is available on both the front and back of the package.”

This new bag can accommodate a full range of sizes available for all whole birds and breast packs and is ideal for fresh or frozen applications as well, Till relays.

When asked why this new package was developed, Till answers, “We feel that the market could benefit from a bag that offers better protection, which minimizes leakers and offers a nice, skin-tight appearance to better contour and showcase the birds. Our standard-gauge materials offer superior puncture resistance and minimize leakers.”

As poultry industry input costs continue to increase, Flavorseal is sharpening its focus on adding value to customer operations by reducing the amount of leakers on the retail shelves and rework in packing facilities.
“We are focused on making a better-looking package that will help drive demand for our customer’s products,” Till explains. Protection and aesthetics are the two major features US poultry processors should look for when selecting shrink bags for their poultry products, Till advises.

The new, competitively priced Flavorseal BSB-65 Poultry Shrink Bag is the latest addition to the company’s complete line of innovative packaging for meat and cheese products, including bone guard, high-barrier and post-pasteurization bags. "We know many of our customers have been looking for a high-performance yet cost-effective poultry shrink bag," Till says. "We think our new Poultry Shrink Bag is their ideal solution."

Flavorseal sells a complete line of food and meat packaging products and supplies to every segment of the food-processing industry, which includes meat and poultry processors; hospital, correctional and university commissaries; institutional and commercial restaurant kitchens; as well as consumers.

The company’s manufacturing facility has achieved a superior rating from the American Institute of Baking (AIB) and is SQE-certified. This plant is specifically designed to emphasize food safety. In 2010 Flavorseal doubled the size of its operations. A portion of this expansion has been devoted to new innovations. Its new, state-of-the-art headquarters incorporates biometric scanning to authorize access and features 24-hour video surveillance inside and out.

For more information, visit http://www.flavorseal.com/index.html, email info@flavorseal.com or phone Stacey Brown, at (440) 937-3900 or toll-free at (866) 769-1500.