WASHINGTON – President Obama announced his pick for US Trade Representative is Mike Froman, a national security and economic advisor to the president. He will succeed Ron Kirk, who resigned in March, if confirmed by the US Senate.

“He's been a key negotiator alongside Ron Kirk on those trade agreements for South Korea, Colombia, and Panama, which support tens of thousands of American jobs,” said President Obama.

Froman served during the Clinton administration as chief of staff to Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin. He also worked as deputy assistant secretary for Eurasia and the Middle East. Before joining the Obama administration, he held various positions at Citigroup. He also was a senior fellow at the Council of Foreign Relations.

“He has won the respect of our trading partners around the world,” the President continued. “He has also won a reputation as being an extraordinarily tough negotiator while doing it. He does not rest until he’s delivered the best possible deal for American businesses and American workers. He’s fought to make sure that countries that break the rules are held accountable.”