WICHITA, KAS. — Cargill’s all-natural Good Nature pork brand has launched a series of chef-led "how-to" videos at GoodNaturePork.com to spur consumer confidence on selecting and preparing pork as meals in their kitchens. The online feature is designed help cooks at home become more familiar with how to make pork recipes.

"I frequently get asked how to properly prepare pork for meals," said Pete Geoghegan, the Good Nature chef featured in the online videos. "Too many times people over-cook pork because they’re unfamiliar with the cuts. I hope with the help of these videos, they can better enjoy their dining experiences at home."

Cooking instructions, step-by-step "how-to" demos and a short introduction on how Good Nature is "beyond natural" are included in the video series.

"Natural and organic shoppers want to connect with their food on a higher level," said Joe Linot, pork marketing manager. "Those shoppers are looking for more information on their food and want to build a relationship with the brand. The addition of these videos to our Good Nature site will help meet that growing need."

With the continued and expected growth within the natural and organic food category, Good Nature will continue to identify additional relationship-building tools, like the chef-led videos, to best meet the growing needs of its end-users. Packaged Facts projects the natural and organic food industry is expected to grow 63% by 2010, surpassing the $46 billion mark.

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