BRAZOS COUNTY, Texas – Five cases ofE. coliO157:H7 have been linked to ground beef served at a local restaurant, according to the Brazos County Health Department. Five other cases were investigated but were not confirmed.

Two of the five confirmed cases were two boys, ages four and 18 months. They were taken from a hospital in College Station, Texas, to Texas Children's Hospital in Houston where they are recovering, according to local news reports. The oldest patient is 51.

Health officials declined to name the restaurant, but said the outbreak is "an isolated incident and is not an ongoing threat to public health. It is not known if the cause is due to improper temperature, improper cooking or cross-contamination."

Officials said the restaurant has been cooperating with the investigation. Control measures were established at the restaurant, including mandatory glove use by employees and continuous monitoring by the Brazos County Health Department.