ATLANTA — Fieldale Farms has reached an agreement to install and utilize Empowered Water for pathogen remediation, which is offered by EAU Technologies Inc., a leading provider of Empowered Water for high-volume, business-to-business applications. Fieldale Farms began using Empowered Water throughout the primary processing section of the plant in February.

EAU Technologies said its clean-in-place system provides stabilized, non-toxic electrolyzed water solutions, which the company said are proven to be effective cleaning treatments, killing pathogens including Salmonella, E. coli and Campylobacter without compromising the quality of the food products. Empowered Water is being used at the Murrayville, Ga. facility to clean and disinfect poultry as it makes its way through the primary portion of the processing system.

Marketed as Empowered Water by EAU, electrolyzed water is created by combining salt and water with an electrical charge. The process separates the positive and negative ions of the water, creating two forms of water — one acidic and one alkaline. The electrolyzed alkaline water is used to clean the chicken. It is followed by a rinse of the electrolyzed acidic water to kill any remaining food-borne pathogens. Empowered Water has been proven non-toxic and environmentally friendly when used at approved concentrations, the company relays.