KARACHI, Pakistan – Conflicting news stories reported Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurants had closed their doors in the wake of anti-American protests.

Chris Fuller, director of international public relations for KFC’s parent company Yum! Brands Inc., confirmed the locations closed as a precautionary measure, according to news reports. KFC has more than 60 restaurants in 21 cities in Pakistan.

However, the Daily Times in Pakistan quoted the Rafiq Rangoonwala, chief executive officer of KFC in Pakistan, as saying, “We are operating franchise business with complete Pakistani investment.”

Rangoonwala said three restaurants were ransacked on Sept. 21; while six to seven other restaurants were partially damaged during protests against a controversial anti-Islam film produced in the US. KFC, Hardee’s and Krispy Kreme franchises were attacked in Tripoli, Lebanon, on Sept. 14, according to CNN.