AUGUSTA, Ga. – FPL Food, LLC announced plans to use DNA-based traceability technology as part of the company's quality assurance and food safety operations.

FPL Food, the largest integrated beef processor in the Southeastern US, is working with Lawrence, Kan.-based IdentiGen North America to analyze and catalog DNA samples of FPL beef.

“We have a rigorous safety program, including state-of-the-industry systems to reduce pathogens and certified independent microbiological testing of all fresh beef trimmings at our plant," said Francois Leger, owner and founder of FPL. "The DNA TraceBack process will give us yet another way to assure our customers that we take safety and quality seriously."

FPL can use the DNA trace-back process to verify that 100 percent of the beef it processes is pure boxed or ground beef and is 100-percent traceable back to its source. The technology can also be used to quickly and accurately trace beef back to its processing batch in the event of a recall.