WOODSTOCK, Ontario – An investment of approximately $900,000 (US$922,000) was announced on Sept. 13 by the Canadian government that is designed to help the Canadian Swine Exporters Association (CSEA) increase international recognition of Canada's superior purebred swine genetics. The announcement was made by Dave MacKenzie, member of the Canadian Parliament (Oxford), on behalf of Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz.

"This investment will help our swine export industry showcase top-quality Canadian genetics around the world, helping them capture new markets and increase profits for our pork producers," MacKenzie said.

Thanks to this investment, CSEA members will be better equipped to increase awareness of the value, quality and diversity of Canadian swine by participating in key international trade shows and leading targeted trade missions, MacKenzie relayed. The money will also help to ensure Canada remains a global leader in swine genetics, particularly in attributes that improve meat quality, feed efficiency, environmental issues and biosecurity.

This investment is part of an $88-million (US$90 million) investment made through the AgriMarketing Program under Growing Forward, which helps industry implement long-term international strategies, including activities such as international market development, industry-to-industry trade advocacy and consumer awareness and branding. The CSEA said it intends to increase exports and raise the international profile of Canadian swine genetics.