LISLE, Ill. – Eckrich revealed a news lower sodium smoked sausage with 33 percent less sodium compared to US Department of Agriculture data for smoked sausage, according to the company.

The sausage is produced using an all-natural sodium alternative. The salt replacement tastes and functions just like salt minus the same sodium levels, according to John Morrell Food Group, a subsidiary of Smithfield Foods, Inc.

"We looked at a great deal of research showing that there's a group of consumers who are looking for food options with less sodium," said Charles Gitkin, vice president, marketing, innovation and R&D for the John Morrell Food Group. "We are now able to deliver a product that has the same great taste of Eckrich with less of the sodium they are trying to avoid."

The new sausage will be available in 13-oz. packages at retail in the fall alongside other Eckrich smoked sausage offerings and at similar pricing, the company said. Additional lower sodium offerings include 50% Less Sodium Bacon, Armour Lower Sodium Pepperoni, with 50 percent less sodium compared its regular pepperoni, and Eckrich Lower Sodium Hard Salami.