FULTON, S.D.— Demand for bison meat far outweighs the supply, said Ralph Mahoney, a Fulton, S.D., man who has raised bison for 47 years. Mr. Mahoney told The Associated Press that the demand for the low-cholesterol bison meat should increase, as society becomes more health-conscious.

Bison meat was previously a challenging product to sell, which led to many "hobby" producers to drop out.

According to the most recent numbers from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, South Dakota was the nation's top producer of bison in 2008, with an inventory of 38,700 head — which is twice as much compared to the No. 2 state, Nebraska. North Dakota was third with an inventory of 15,900 head.


From: Frank W.

This is good news for Ted Turner.

From: Chef Lazar
Bison is getting more and more popular

From Mary G.(bison@centurytel.net)
Anyone interested in producing bison, contact the NBA (National Bison Assoc.) or us (www.northstarbison.com). We need bison.