OMAHA, Neb. – Nebraska Gov. Dave Heineman on Aug. 2 signed agreement to open Nebraska Center – Shanghai, the state’s first trade office in China. As part of the governor’s trade mission to China, Shanghai Liuhe Qinquiang Food Co. announced plans to open an office in Omaha, Neb., to export meat products to China.

The agreement Heineman signed was made with the Shanghai Small to Medium Enterprises (SME) Center for International Cooperation, a large quasi-governmental organization in Shanghai with more than 300,000 members engaged in international trade and investment. The SME has introduced many companies to Nebraska for trade and investment opportunities, including Shanghai Liuhe Qinquiang.

In addition to opening an export office, Lu Jing Jing, chairman of Shanghai Liuhe Qinquiang, said she is also researching the viability of opening a meat packing plant in Nebraska to supply her business.