TUCKER, Ga. – USPOULTRY released a new video called “Poultry & The Hormone Myth” in an effort to combat what the organization says is misinformation about how poultry is raised.

“USPOULTRY is providing a short and long version of the video," said John Starkey, president of USPOULTRY. "The short version is precise and gets to the gist of the video’s message quickly. We wanted to make sure that when a consumer does a web search on this topic, we have a short and concise video that dispels this false presumption.

"The long version provides more detail for those who are interested,” he added.

The video is being distributed to all USPOULTRY members, and is available on USPOULTRY’s website, www.uspoultry.org. It can also be found on YouTube at http://youtu.be/Qe5CTjtAW70.