BOISE, IDAHO — While some retail businesses may have put the brakes on pushing organic products during this tough economic time, others are moving full-speed ahead. Albertsons LLC is introducing the O Organics line of organic products, which range from full meal options to baby food to dairy, beverages and snacks. O Organics items will be available throughout the store making it easy for shoppers to choose organics in nearly every aisle.

The brand's debut allows shoppers to stock up on a wide variety of 95%+ U.S.D.A.-certified organics in the same location as the rest of their grocery shopping.

"We are pleased to bring a world of new choices to our store shelves with the introduction of the O Organics brand at Albertsons LLC stores," said Bob Butler, senior vice president of marketing and merchandising. "With O Organics, we've established an extremely broad organic foods selection virtually overnight."

Supported by a multi-million dollar consumer marketing campaign to drive traffic to its retail partners, O Organics offers supermarkets and foodservice customers an opportunity to market a line of organic products.

"Organics are rapidly moving from niche purchases to mainstream staples and we appreciate the opportunity to work with Albertsons LLC to offer the O Organics brand to its customers," said Alex Petrov, president of Lucerne Foods Inc. "With the strong, across-the-board interest from shoppers in health and wellness options, O Organics allows mainstream grocers to easily implement a store-wide organic strategy with the broadest possible product range and the ability to meet the order volume of the largest supermarket chains."

O Organics, launched in October 2005, is one of the nation's largest organic brands by retail sales and offers consumers and retailers a complete, multi-category lifestyle solution with more than 300 products in more than 30 categories.