WESTPORT, Conn. – H.J. Baker & Bros., Inc. and Vimifos S.A. de C.V., a Mexico-based animal nutrition company, have reached an agreement to sell H.J. Baker PRO-PLUS and PRO-PAK products to the poultry feed industry in Mexico.

Vimifos will offer the H.J. Baker products in bulk and smaller quantities for direct sale to feed producers, although the PRO-PLUS and PRO-PAK products will be made in the US, according to H.J. Baker.

“Vimifos is a leader in the Mexican agriculture industry," said Christopher V. B. Smith, president and CEO of H.J. Baker. "We are very pleased to begin this new relationship with such an outstanding company. This agreement will provide poultry feed producers in Mexico the opportunity to add H.J. Baker’s PRO-PLUS and PRO-PAK protein concentrates to their programs. We are confident that Mexican producers will see the benefits of these products and look forward to working with Vimifos to distribute them.”

Vimifos has been in the animal nutrition industry in Mexico for more than 30 years. The company has a network of more than 50 distributors throughout the country, and has two industrial complexes in addition to warehouses located in key production areas in Mexico. Vimofos employs more than 600 people.

“VIMIFOS and H.J. Baker each strive to provide innovative solutions with market-leading products that contribute to the productivity and efficiency of our customers," said Lauro Angulo. "As a result of this agreement VIMIFOS will expand its product portfolio and relationship with H.J. Baker. VIMIFOS and H.J. Baker each constantly seeks to make significant contributions to the prosperity of customers.”