VERNON, Calif. – Golden West Food Group has released a line of Certified Angus Beef products that feature premium beef cuts with a mix-and-match selection of marinades.

Retailers can choose from a selection of cuts such as flat iron steaks, skirt steaks, tri tip, ball tips, as well as the traditional top sirloin London broil, ranch roasts and sirloin flap meat. The cuts can then be paired with various marinades, including Classic Steakhouse, Carne Asada, Barbacoa, Four Chili, Porcini Rosemary with Port Wine Sauce, Honey Bourbon, Jalapeno Lime and Beer, Chimichurri, Kansas City BBQ and many other flavors.

“The tenderness and flavor in these items is something that you don’t usually experience with convenient items,” said Brett Erickson, director of Value-Added Products for the Certified Angus Beef brand. “Golden West has succeeded in balancing the high quality and superior flavor of our brand with products that are delicious, quick and easy to prepare.”

The marinated beef items are available nationwide, and can be found at Meijer supercenters throughout Michigan, Indiana and Ohio, COSTCO stores in the southeast United States and San Francisco Bay area, Morton Williams Supermarkets and Key Food stores in greater New York City.