GREENFIELD, Ind. –Elanco Food Solutions is introducing a new post-harvest carcass rinse to reduce E. coli and Salmonella pathogens in beef-processing facilities.

CellVex is a liquid bromine product that reacts with bleach to form hypobromous acid (HOBr). Products containing bromine are widely used antimicrobials in beef-processing plants. Among its benefits, CellVex remains highly stable and pH neutral (6.0–8.0) with no off-gassing potential in the bleach activation process.

According to Tom Nicholson, director of sales and technical services for Elanco Food Solutions, CellVex offers the proven efficacy of a bromine antimicrobial intervention in a convenient, cost-effective liquid formulation.

“CellVex provides advantages, including ease of use, that not all liquid products can offer,” Nicholson said. “If a plant isn’t using a bromine antimicrobial intervention today, it is absolutely something that should be considered. As the need for new and novel antimicrobials continues to grow, more beef plants are implementing a BoviBrom® (solid bromine nugget formulation) or CellVex intervention strategy.

“Consumers expect their food to be safe, and Elanco Food Solutions is committed to delivering on that promise,” Nicholson says. “There is no ‘silver-bullet’ in food safety, which is why we will continue to develop and bring to market multiple pre- and post-harvest intervention products and services designed to keep food safe from the farm gate to the dinner plate.”