IRVINE, Calif. – Taco Bell will begin offering gourmet-inspired bowls and burritos in its new Cantina Bell menu nationwide on July 5 as part of a partnership with Chef Lorena Garcia. The under-$5, expanded menu is designed to deliver value and convenience and the Cantina Bell items are satisfaction guaranteed, according to officials.

Garcia worked with Taco Bell beginning in October 2010 to create the menu. Cantina Bell will feature eight new ingredients for Taco Bell, such as 100-percent all-white meat chicken in a citrus and herb marinade, whole black beans, cilantro rice, guacamole, roasted corn salsa, cilantro dressing, lettuce and pico de gallo.

New menu offerings include:

• Cantina Bowl — Chicken for $4.79, totaling 560 calories, 22g total fat and 26g of protein; veggie for $4.79, featuring 540 calories, 21g total fat and 14g of protein; and steak for $4.99, which contains 550 calories, 23g total fat and 22g of protein.

• Cantina Burrito — Chicken for $4.79, featuring 760 calories, 27g total fat and 32g of protein; veggie for $4.79, which has 740 calories, 26g total fat and 20g of protein; and steak for $4.99, which contains 750 calories, 28g total fat and 28g of protein.

Taco Bell Corp. is a subsidiary of Yum! Brands Inc. and serves more than 36.8 million consumers weekly in approximately 5,600 US restaurants.