A class-action lawsuit filed against ConAgra Foods, doing business as Hebrew National, alleges the company’s hot dogs and other items aren’t kosher, according to various news reports.

The lawsuit was filed in May in Dakota County District Court of Minnesota. In court documents, the plaintiffs claim that employees with AER, which provides kosher slaughtering services, witnessed procedures at slaughterhouses that rendered the meat being processed not kosher. Hebrew National products are certified by Triangle K.

The plaintiffs argue in the lawsuit that the company does not strictly comply with the standard it states it does.

“Hebrew National products are not made from 100% kosher beef “as defined by the most stringent Jews who follow Orthodox Jewish Law,” the lawsuit reads. “The food processing plants which Defendant purchases their meat from, including those in Dakota County Minnesota, fail to adhere to the kosher standards in numerous respects.”

The lawsuit also alleges the company mistreated employees, especially kosher supervisors and slaughterers.