SÃO PAULO, Brazil – A Brazilian court has ordered Greenpeace to remove from its website a report that alleges environmental abuses committed by JBS SA, according to a news release on the company’s website.

The injunction orders Greenpeace to remove the report from its website, and prohibits the group from distributing it in any format — electronic, written or verbal, JBS said. Failure to comply with the court order could result in fines of R50,000 ($24,147) until the group is in compliance. The injunction was to be served on Greenpeace representatives on June 13.

"JBS reaffirms its commitment towards advancing initiatives in the social and environmental field and is always open to dialogue with a view towards building an economically feasible society which is environmentally correct with social justice," the company said in its statement.

JBS SA, the world’s largest beef processor, announced plans to take legal action against Greenpeace International following the group’s release of a report that claims JBS is sourcing cattle directly and indirectly from suppliers accused of illegal deforestation, invasion of indigenous areas or use of slave labor.

Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Asda and Sligro Food Group pulled their business from JBS in response to Greenpeace’s claims. JBS denied the claims and said that the report contained false accusations.