RANDERS, Denmark – Danish Crown recently signed an agreement with Shineway, China’s largest meat processor, for delivery of 3,000 tonnes of meat and another 20,000 tonnes in the future, the company said.

"One of the reasons why we want to import raw materials from Danish Crown is that their food quality and safety standards are extremely high," said Wan Long, board chairman of Shineway. "Among other things, we hope to be able to start exporting our products based on raw materials from Danish Crown."

Danish Crown made the deal during a visit to China for meetings with customers and business partners. The company’s board of directors stopped in Luohe in the Henan province to speak with Shineway representatives. Shineway already imports Danish Crown products.

"We have enjoyed trading relations with China for the past 15 years, and we have witnessed how many things have changed during this period,” said Kjeld Johannesen, Danish Crown chief executive officer. “As an export company, we now have direct access to the Chinese market thanks to our world-class food safety standards.

"The food scandals of recent years in China have led to very strict food safety requirements which we are capable of meeting."