EDMONTON, Alberta – The government of Canada said it would invest more than C$240,000 ($233,966) to help the Canadian hatching egg industry to develop a precision broiler breeder-feeding system.

The Alberta Hatching Egg Producers will use the funds to develop a feeding system that is customized so that the correct amount of food is given to the right bird at the right time. Expectations are that the system will take the guesswork out of food allocation while keeping birds fit and reducing waste.

"We are very excited to be working with the hatching egg industry on this innovative project," said Dr. Martin Zuidhof, the project leader at the University of Alberta. "It is exciting to see over 20 years of research come together in a way that promises so much benefit for the poultry industry and the birds themselves.

"We are pleased with the investments of government and industry partners that are moving this worthwhile initiative forward," he said.