NORTHERN AURORA, Ill. – Aurora Packing Company is offering DNA traceable kosher beef in three states, the company announced June 19.

Aurora Kosher Choice Beef traceability program is overseen by DSJ Global and verified by a traceback process developed by IdentiGen North America, Lawrence, Kan. The beef will be available to consumers in New York, Florida and California, the company said.

“Kosher beef consumers can trust that Aurora Kosher Choice Beef is an authentic, carefully raised beef that is produced according to the highest kosher standards," said said Lowell Zoet, vice president and general manager of Aurora Packing Company. "The DNA TraceBack process gives us a means of communicating its premium quality to consumers.”

Shalom Farms, a kosher food distributor based in Bronx, NY, will be the first distributor to market Aurora Kosher Choice Beef to dominant kosher markets in the US. Aurora Kosher beef is the first kosher beef brand in the US to offer DNA-traceability, in which animal is DNA-sampled at every stage of the production chain, the company said. The company's cattle are raised within 300 miles of Chicago, and finished on corn.