DES MOINES, IOWA On Capitol Hill, a $1.7 million earmark for pig-odor research in Iowa has been identified by opponents as a prime example of pork spending. Sen. Tom Harkin, D-Iowa, inserted the earmark to fund research on how to control hog-farm odors, as part of the $410 billion spending bill, according to The Associated Press.

The federal study is investigating what hogs eat and how the stench can be reduced. Solutions to the problem have proved elusive, though researchers have had success using ultraviolet light to remove odors and planting trees and other vegetation to eliminate the odor.

"While we will likely hear about it on Jay Leno or the Letterman show, where they will be yukking it up, it's a profoundly serious challenge," Mr. Harkin said. He added that the idea was to help the pork industry go about its business "in an environmentally-friendly way and be good neighbors."

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