SPRINGDALE, Ark. – Tyson Foodservice announced its Timeless Recipe fully cooked fried chicken product.

Timeless Recipe was designed with the aim of waste reduction and maximized profits. The product includes bone-in breasts, thighs and legs in consistently sized portions. Cutting the bird into 10 pieces instead of eight helps achieve consistent sizes, according to the company. Wings are available depending on market demand, Tyson said.

“Our goal was to make serving fried chicken more convenient and profitable for operators, so we looked at all of the operational challenges typically associated with fried chicken and developed a product that would solve those challenges,” said Nanette Luningham, director of foodservice poultry marketing for Tyson Foods. “We’ve made a niche product out of one of the most standard fully-cooked foodservice products available by making it easier for operators to prepare and by consistently sizing portions.”

Luningham said Timeless Recipe chicken is a benefit to foodservice because the pieces cook evenly and because there is less wasted product in two- and three-piece meals.