WABUSKA, Nev. – Members of the Lyon County Planning Commission voted to continue a request for a special use permit that would allow a meat processing plant in Wabuska, Nev.

Walker River Meat Processing/Lassen Meat Processing, LLC is seeking a special use permit for more than 1,700 acres for a 30,000 sq. ft. meat processing facility. At full capacity, the plant is expected to process up to 2,000 head of cattle, 2,500 pigs and 1,000 sheep and goat per day. The plant is expected to reach full production capacity by 2015.

The plant was first proposed in late 2011, with a ground breaking planned for early 2012. But several members of the planning commission said they didn’t have enough information to approve a permit, and voted to continue the process for up to 60 days. Commissioners expressed concerns about water rights for the project and potential odors emanating from the facility.

The facility will include “structures for processing and shipping meats; holding corrals; rendering plant; pet food production; leather tannery; feed barns and warehouses; hog, sheep, goat and poultry production; agricultural crop production; hydroponic growing structures; wastewater treatment plant; water reservoirs; and possible reserve for a university campus.”

Vincent Estell, chief executive officer of the company, has said that the new facility will be built according to US Department of Agriculture standards and more stringent European Union food regulations and standards.