ABERDEEN, SD – After numerous delays, Northern Beef Packers could be processing cattle as early as this spring, according to The Associated Press.

The 420,000 sq.-ft. facility will initially process about 200 cattle daily, then expand to 1,500 head. Cattle will be brought in from South Dakota and other states such as Nebraska, Iowa and Minnesota, according to AP. The plant’s crew will also expand to 650 employees from 200. The plant will use humane animal-handling methods designed by Temple Grandin. The entire process will take about 35 minutes per head.

Korean investors, who each gave at least $500,000 toward the project, own 41 percent of the plant.

Some beef producers think they could cut shipping costs in half by selling their cattle there. When Northern Beef Packers opens its plant, it will shorten the journey to other plants by at least 300 miles and drop the cost of shipping to an estimated $30 per calf.