MANHEIM, Penn. – An egg production facility owned by Kreider Farms, Manheim, Penn. is the latest subject of an undercover video investigation by the Human Society of the United States.

The HSUS, which released the video on April 12, said the video depicts:

• Birds severely overcrowded in cages more cramped than the national average; each hen received only 54–58 sq. in. of space on which to spend her life.
• Injured and dead hens, including mummified bird carcasses, were found inside cages with living hens laying eggs for human consumption.
• Hens left without water for days when a water source malfunctioned, causing many to die.
• Hens' legs, wings, and heads trapped in cage wires and automated feeding machinery.
• A thick layer of dead flies on the barn floors that caused a crunching sound when walking on it.

"This new exposé underscores why we need a minimum federal standard for the housing of laying hens," said Wayne Pacelle, president and chief executive officer of HSUS. "Our investigation shows that major egg producers can just go their own way, ignore even the most modest industry standards, and cause incredible stress and harm to birds."

Kreider Farms has 5 million egg laying chickens, according to its web site. In addition to a facility in Manheim, the family-run farm has chicken houses in other Lancaster County, Penn. locations, including Mount Joy, Middletown and Mount Pleasant. The web site mentions that the facilities are state-of-the-art, featuring a daily manure removal belt system and tunnel air ventilation which provides “superior air quality and comfort” for the chickens. Roughly 75 percent of all egg production comes from these advanced facilities, according to the company’s web site.