WASHINGTON – A new electronic label submission system is nearly complete, according to the US Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service.

The new system will scan for some common errors in the label submission process, including missing supporting documentation, illegible labels and missing information on the transmittal form. FSIS said the new system is expected to increase the speed and accuracy of label review and help the agency develop data-specific reports based on labeling information.

The system will also include a feature that will help industry determine if the label must have FSIS approval or whether the label can be generically approved. FSIS is hosting a webinar on the topic of the agency’s generic labeling system on April 24 and March 22. The new generic labeling system will allow companies to label a broader range of products without first submitting the labels for FSIS approval.

Click here to access the webinar April 25 and March 22. Follow the on-screen instructions.