RENO, Nev. – A current and former employee of LeFiell Company, a precision engineering, fabricating and manufacturing company based in Reno, Nev., have acquired the assets of the company. Brandon Camp and David Gomes took over the company, which provides meat processing equipment ranging from slaughterhouse equipment to overhead rail systems, in January.

Gomes has 31 years of manufacturing experience with LeFiell Co. and Camp, a former LeFiell employee, is a 16-year industry veteran with experience ranging from the kill floor to further processing packaging.

“Just as LeFiell Co. patented and introduced the industry’s first overhead rail switch many decades ago, we have instilled a fresh fervor into the company and plan to re-establish LeFiell as one of the industry’s most valued and respected suppliers,” Camp said.

The LeFiell Co. was originally incorporated in 1910 as John's Hanger Company, in San Francisco, manufacturing parlor door hangers. In 1917, it was acquired by A.E. LeFiell and given its present name, LeFiell Co. In the late 1920s LeFiell designed and patented the first prefabricated overhead rail switches. During WWII LeFiell Co. was called upon by the US Navy to provide shipboard meat storage equipment and portable slaughterhouses. In 1961, the Schmidt family, owners of Cincinnati Butcher’s Supply Co., acquired LeFiell Co. Baldwin S. Schmidt later acquired the company from his family and in 1994 moved the company to its present home in Reno. In 2010, LeFiell Co. celebrated its centennial.

The new company is named LeFiell Company LLC and will focus on and expand its core strengths of engineering and manufacturing high-quality and durable kill plant equipment and overhead rail systems.