LIVINGSTON, CALIF. — In an advertising campaign targeting Hispanic consumers, Foster Farms plans to broadcast a message during the March 26 "Premios Lo Nuestro" music awards show warning that most chicken has been "deceptively injected with saltwater" — and that consumers are unknowingly paying for the solution at the checkout stand. The campaign also addresses the issue of how the solution increases salt intake.

According to the poultry company, research shows that one-sixth of a teaspoon of added salt per day can be detrimental to overall health of consumers. That limit may be reached in one 4-oz serving of saltwater-injected chicken.

"High sodium consumption contributes to many diseases, including high blood pressure, hypertension and diabetes — all complications that Latinos have a high risk of developing," said Manuel Villacorta, MS, RD, Foster Farms nutritionist. "It is estimated that almost one in four Latinos have high blood pressure."

"We are not talking about chicken that has been pre-marinated or seasoned; the issue is what is advertised or labeled fresh, raw chicken," added Ira Brill, Foster Farms director of advertising and marketing services. "Our goal is to inform consumers that they need to read labels and be aware that some foods, even traditionally healthy foods like chicken, may have added sodium that is costing them their money and health. Our research shows that Latino consumers prioritize their health and are concerned about what they feed their families. Chicken that's been injected with saltwater can contain up to 700% more sodium than truly natural chicken."

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