NICARAGUA – Cargill Nicaragua began constructing Wood Farm, a new poultry plant estimated to cost approximately $30 million and designed to raise up to 2.52 million chickens per year. Scheduled to open in September, the new plant is expected to require 100 new jobs plus generate approximately 2,000 indirect jobs.

A new distribution center and the purchase of more trucks are also planned to further enhance product distribution.

Last year, the company experienced chicken output of approximately 240 million lbs. Production in 2012 is expected to grow 5 percent vs. last year’s total.

Cargill has been operating in Masay, Nicaragua, since 2000. Cargill’s operations in Nicaragua include poultry production and commercialization; processed meats distribution; animal feed production and distribution; and animal feed consulting services. Cargill’s investments in Nicaragua include acquiring Cainsa, a local brand for processed peats, in 2006, plus acquiring Tip Top Industrial, a local branded poultry business; and Mebasa, a feed production plant, in 2000.