KANSAS CITY, Mo. – “Meat&Poultry Perspectives,” a new video series of The Processors Channel, continues with the industry’s leading authority on livestock handling and Meat&Poultry’s most tenured contributing editor, Dr. Temple Grandin.

In this second installment, Grandin talks about her writing and how, when it comes to controversial issues like pink slime, perception is reality in the minds of consumers. Grandin also discusses her life's work in the industry and the evolution of animal welfare practices, including technology advances that have served to raise the bar and ensure compliance with today’s standards. In upcoming episodes of “Meat&Poultry Perspectives”, Grandin will address topical issues including: alternatives to gestation crates; a systematic approach to animal welfare programs; and how the HBO movie about her life was a good thing for the industry.

The new video series featuring Temple Grandin is posted as part of “The Processors Channel” on www.meatpoultry.com and will be updated bi-weekly through the month of December.