LISLE, Ill. – John Morrell Food Group, a subsidiary of Smithfield Foods, has launched a 40 percent lower sodium frank for foodservice operators.

Each 2-oz. Armour and John Morrell 40% Lower Sodium Frank provides an equivalent meat for child nutrition meal pattern requirements, according to the company. The line includes all-beef formulations and beef/pork blends to match the flavor profiles preferred by adults and children.

“With a rising awareness of sodium intake, we are interested in providing restaurant operators and patrons lower-sodium alternatives to some of the best-selling items on the menu,” said Chuck Gitkin, John Morrell Food Group vice president of marketing, innovation, and R&D. “We are using a breakthrough all-natural sodium alternative that allows for a one-to-one replacement of salt. The new franks do not compromise the taste and tradition that are hallmarks of the Armour and John Morrell brands.”

The John Morrell Food Group also offers lower-sodium items such as John Morrell 50% Reduced Sodium Bacon, Armour 50% Reduced Sodium Pepperoni, and Eckrich 33% Reduced Sodium Smoked Sausage.