NEW YORK – Mercy For Animals plans to protest at the Council on Foreign Relations Dec. 11, where Mike Duke, Walmart CEO will be giving a speech. The group’s protest is aimed at urging Walmart to phase out sourcing pork from suppliers that use gestation stalls.

The group plans to put a 10-ft. inflatable pig in a gestation crate. A mobile billboard will depict a pig in a gestation crate along with the slogan “Walmart: Stop Torturing Pigs”. The truck bearing the billboard will circle the building during the protest.

Mercy For Animals claims that retailers such as Sobeys, Superstore/Loblaws, Metro and Walmart are condoning animal cruelty by buying pork sourced from producers that use gestation crates. The protest after the group released an undercover video depicting abuse at a pork production facility owned by Puratone, one of Canada’s largest pork producers.