CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa – Midamar Corp. is facing a federal investigation into whether the company falsely labeled meat products as being halal, or processed in compliance with Islamic law.

Officials with the US Department of Agriculture and the Internal Revenue Service raided the company's offices in October. During the raid, officials seized a bank account and other records under a search warrant. The Associated Press reported that the government seized more than $454,000 from the company last week. US District Judge Linda Reade upheld the seizure.

Reade also ruled that the affidavit supporting the warrant can remain secret so as not to jeopardize an ongoing investigation.

William "Bill" Aossey, Jr. founded Midamar Corp.in 1972, and by 1974 the company was incorporated in Iowa, according to the company's web site. The company provides halal products throughout the United States, Canada and 30 countries across Africa, Europe, the Middle East and the Caribbean.