CONWAY, Ark. – A new technology may help the egg industry fight against foodborne Salmonella outbreaks in egg products. A software solution called CAT² Egg Tracking & Traceability System can help isolate and recall affected egg products before they reach the consumer.

The egg industry, the USDA, and the FDA have reduced the outbreaks of foodborne Salmonella contamination tremendously since the mid-1990s. The next step is the implementation of egg tracking systems to help isolate and recall product when a rare outbreak does occur.

"Protecting the public and providing confidence to the consumer is one of the top priorities for CAT² software solutions," said Mike Sardinha of CAT². "Industry leaders are implementing an advanced Egg Tracking & Traceability System to ensure that they are providing the safest eggs and egg products available in the world."

Until scientist can eradicate Salmonella, the industry needs to figure out the best way to minimize the risk of contaminated food reaching consumers. If an outbreak is discovered, knowing exactly where the contaminated food is located and removing it from the public food supply immediately can save lives, according to CAT².