BROOKS, Alberta – Employees at XL Foods Inc. are returning to work, signaling that the company is resuming some operations at the Brooks, Alberta-based plant, according to The Globe and Mail.

Meat processing staff was called in late Oct. 3 to work the morning shift the next day, while afternoon shift workers were on call, according to The Globe and Mail. Slaughter workers have not been called back to work.

Meanwhile, more people have are planning to join a class-action lawsuit against XL Foods, according to news reports. Matthew Harrison, of Edmonton, Alberta, first announced plans to sue the company. He was hospitalized for several days after he ate E. coli contaminated steak at a friend's house. Harrison said he would ask a judge to have the lawsuit certified as a class action to allow others to join. At least five cases of E. coli appear to be linked to meat processed at the XL Foods plant in Brooks.