OTTAWA, ONTARIO – Les Aliments Lucyporc has become Canada's first integrated pork processing plant to be registered and granted approval for the export of pork products to the European Union. Located in Yamachiche, Quebec, the plant’s approval opens market opportunities for the company just prior to the Canadian government beginning negotiations for a trade agreement with the E.U. to increase pork exports to member countries.

"The registration of Les Aliments Lucyporc's plant is not just a great opportunity for the company, but for the entire Canadian hog industry since this plant is the first of what we expect will be several Canadian pork processing plants to be approved for export to the European Union," said Jurgen Preugschas, C.P.C. chairman.

"There has been a rise of protectionist sentiments in the United States in the face of the economic downturn in that country" he added. "This is evidenced by the potentially highly restrictive mandatory country-of-origin labeling legislations recently implemented by the U.S. government. The Canadian pork industry, which depends on exports for well over half of its output, needs this and other opportunities to further diversify its exports away from the United States. We strongly urge the Canadian government engage in negotiations of an ambitious trade and economic agreement with the European Union."

The rewards for Les Aliments Lucyporc and the Canadian pork industry far outweigh the work and effort it took to become E.U.-approved, Mr. Preugschas said. "With a population of about 500 million, the majority of which view pork as their favored meat, the Canadian industry is making important investments to be able to respond to increasing demand in the E.U. countries for Canadian pork," he added.

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