OTTAWA, ONTARIO — Phase Two of a C$76 million, four-year strategy to combat disease and enhance prosperity and stability in the hog sector will be implemented in Canada. The Canadian Pork Council welcomes the March 30 announcement made on behalf of Gerry Ritz, Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada.

Phase Two will provide up to C$40 million to the hog industry over the next two years for the development and implementation of biosecurity best management practices, research projects and long-term disease risk management solutions, all of which promote industry awareness and activities to maintain a healthy Canadian hog herd.

"I would like to thank the Minister Ritz and his colleagues for their commitment to address emerging swine health issues and for working in partnership with our industry," said Jurgen Preugschas, chair of the Canadian Pork Council. "The Canadian hog sector was dramatically impacted by Porcine Circovirus Associated Diseases; this initiative will serve to further improve the capability of the industry to react swiftly to emerging animal health challenges."

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