KINGDOM OF BAHRAIN — The Australian livestock export industry has welcomed Australia’s Federal Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry Tony Burke’s support of the industry and the role the industry is playing in improving animal welfare in the Middle East.

Mr. Burke’s recent Middle Eastern visit was an important step in recognizing industry’s commitment to animal welfare and the Federal Government’s contribution to ensuring Australia continued to lead the world in delivering animal-welfare improvements, said Ian McIvor, Australian Livestock Exporter’s Council chairman.

"Minister Burke’s comments highlight the importance of the Australian livestock export industry’s commitment to improving animal welfare in overseas markets and the great inroads we are making in animal care," Mr. McIvor added.

Speaking at a Meat & Livestock Australia and LiveCorp industry reception in Bahrain on March 24, Mr. Burke highlighted the work of industry to improve animal welfare in overseas markets. "We have a very good story to tell…the care of the animals, the shading of the animals, the different technologies that are now being used allow this to be an industry which, I am proud to explain to the Australian people, is an industry in which they should have great faith," he said.

Ebrahim Mohamed Ali Zainal, Bahrain Livestock Company chairman, said Australia is the only country that requires importers to promote and adhere to animal welfare expectations.

"Australia is the only supplier into the region that takes an active role in working with us to deliver good animal welfare outcomes for the livestock they export," he added. "They help us with training our people on how to work with Australian sheep, with feeding and watering and with our facilities. They also help us with welfare programs like our transport initiative during last years. For this reason, Australia is recognized in the Middle East as the leader in advancing animal welfare."

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