ANAHEIM, CALIF. — Applegate Farms plans to introduce gluten-free breaded chicken nuggets in May.

"Gluten intolerance doesn’t just affect the nearly 3 million Americans who have been diagnosed with celiac disease — an estimated 1 in 7 people is considered non-celiac gluten sensitive, or sensitive to gluten although they don’t test positive for the disease," said Steve McDonnell, founder and chief executive officer of Applegate Farms. "We have worked very hard to create a gluten-free option that is just as delicious as our other products that these consumers can trust for themselves and their children."

The new chicken nuggets are frozen, fully cooked and may be heated in the microwave or oven. The product will be available in 8-oz packages for $5.99.

Applegate Farms already has nearly 100 gluten-free products.

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